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Reporting a defect in my new build home

Our Aftercare team look after you for the duration of your defect liability period, once you’ve moved in to one of our new build homes.

What’s a defect?

  • ​​​​​​Anything fitted in your new build home that hasn’t been done to the best standard
  • All standards are based around the NBHC guidelines. Please check these before you report issues, as if it meets the NHBC standards the developer doesn’t have to reattend

Examples of a defect:

  • Faulty window handles
  • Leaking pipework
  • Faulty front door lock
  • Faulty electrics

Examples of what isn’t a defect:

  • Cracked basin, a chipped worktop, paint scuffs (these would all be considered cosmetic and something the developer won’t pick up after you move in)
  • Anything extra, such as additional kitchen units or patio slabs. All homes are built to specification, so nothing will be changed or added by the developer, but we’ll be able to tell you what make they are so you can buy your own
  • Gates can swell in hot /cold weather and wouldn’t be a defect

What’s a snag?

  • A snag is something that is noticed before you move in
  • A snag can be cosmetic things – like scuffed paint, chip in the worktop
  • We employ an Employers Agent (EA) to snag the property three times before you move in
  • We’re unable to accept your own independent snag report after you move in, because we’ve already done this for you
  • Anything not noticed on the SNAG inspection won’t necessarily be picked up by the developer (unless it’s a genuine defect)
  • You can ask for a copy of your individual snag report once you’ve moved in
  • Additional snags won’t be picked up after you’ve moved in

  • This is the time given by the developer for you to report issues in your home, that they’ll come back to fix 
  • It usually lasts one year after the home is handed over to us, but check if you’re unsure how long yours is. You may not have a full year if you move in after the property is handed over to us, so it’s important you know when yours ends
  • If you’re a shared owner, the date will be given in your memorandum of sale

  • You can email us at:
  • If it’s an emergency, please call us on 0800 652 0898 to make sure we act on it quickly
  • Please send a full description of the issue and always send a photo if it’s possible – the developer will always ask for one
  • We’ll then raise the job for you,  give you a job number and a work completion date that the developer should get it done by
  • You can also use your online account to raise defects.  Please give a good description of what is wrong and send a photo to so we can send it on to the developer.  Your job will stay on hold on your account until it’s been assessed by the Aftercare team. This can take us up to 2 days,  and we’ll let you know if the developer won’t attend

Some repairs will come under warranty:

  • Any warranty that comes with your home will need to be registered by you once you move in. Common warranties are boilers, oven and the hob. 
  • You’ll be asked to get in touch with the warranty provider if you have any issues with the boiler, oven or hob during the defect period.

Time scales for jobs raised as defects

  • 24 hours for emergencies – burst pipes / no power etc.  And anything that can cause risk to life
  • 7 working days – no heating / toilets not flushing etc
  • 28 working days – any other routine repair , doors not shutting,  kitchen cupboards wonky,  bath panel not fitting etc

Not all developers will always get the work done in this time, so you’ll need to let us know if they become overdue.  We’ll then work with the developer to get these jobs booked in. Please don’t approach the developer directly – you’re our customer and it’s our job to look after you and do all the work on your behalf. Once the work's been completed and you’re happy, let us know so we can keep our records as accurate as possible.

  • At the end of the defect period you’ll have an end of defect inspection. This is your last opportunity to raise anything with the developer or make them aware of anything outstanding that needs fixing. It might be worth making your own list so you don’t forget stuff!
  • Our Employers Agent will organise the inspection with you. They’ll get in touch with you to book the inspection in 
  • ​​​The Employers Agent and someone from the developer will attend. ​​​​​​They’ll go through everything with you and you should be clear on what will get done and what won’t by the time they leave
  • If you’re unable to make the inspection you'll get a chance to give your list to the Employers Agent for assessment. You can email your list along with photos to the EA directly and they should let you know what will get picked up and what won’t

Remember once your defect period is over – we’re unable to add any more new defects, but we can assess for latent defects.

What’s a latent defect?

  • A latent defect is anything that you may have had issues with during your defect period that occurs within a reasonable time scale after your defect period ends
  • A job will need to have been raised for this by us, during the defect period
  • The Aftercare team will assess latent defects and let you know next steps

Shared owners
You’re responsible for repairs on the property after the defect period comes to an end.  

We’ll pick up repairs for you once the defect period comes to an end although your gifted items ( shed, turf and carpets) will be your responsibility to maintain

For more information, take a look at your repair responsibilities.​​​​​

Mould is very common in new build homes, as the building dries out. On average there is 8,000 litres of water in a new home that needs to evaporate, and this can present itself as mould.

What can I do to help?

  • Keep trickle vents in your windows open
  • Open all windows at some point in the day for a little bit– even in winter
  • Keep the temperature regular throughout the day
  • Avoid drying washing on radiators or inside, as this increases moisture in the air

If you have any concerns then please send photos to the Aftercare team, and we’ll assess and advise. We also have an in house damp and mould team that we can draw on for extra support and expert knowledge if necessary.

To help make settling into your new VIVID home nice and easy, we've put this video together to let you know a bit more about the defect process. Our newly built homes come with a 12-month defect period in case there's a few repairs outstanding when you move in.


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