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Supporting customers in difficult circumstances

In challenging situations, it is crucial to know where to turn for support. This article provides comprehensive information on various forms of customer support to assist individuals facing difficult circumstances. Whether dealing with harassment, hate-motivated behaviour, domestic abuse, or seeking victim support, understanding available resources is essential for promoting well-being and ensuring a safe environment. Let's explore the key aspects of each issue and the avenues for obtaining assistance.

  • Harassment includes regular threats, intimidation, or insults from individuals within your community or an ex-partner.
  • Report instances of harassment to both the police and the housing association.
  • Keeping a record of each incident can help establish evidence.
  • If the harassment is motivated by disability, race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation, it may be classified as a hate crime
  • Hate-motivated behaviour stems from prejudice or hatred toward specific social groups, such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Report any instances of hate-motivated behavior to both the police and the housing association
  • Police can be contacted through the non-emergency number 101 or via reporting platforms like True Vision
  • Domestic Abuse (DA) involves abusive behaviour between individuals aged 16 or over who have a personal connection
  • Abuse can manifest in various forms, including physical, sexual, psychological, economic, or controlling behaviours
  • In cases of domestic abuse, contact emergency services immediately if there is immediate risk
  • Report domestic abuse to the police through the non-emergency number 101 or online platforms like the provided link
  • Inform the housing association, as they may be able to assist in improving the security of your home
  • Referral to specialized domestic abuse charities, such as the National Centre for Domestic Violence, can provide additional support
  • Victim Support offers confidential assistance to individuals affected by Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB), domestic abuse, and other crimes
  • The organization aims to help individuals cope and recover from the effects of crime in a manner suitable for their needs
  • Self-referral to Victim Support can also be made through their website

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