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Swapping my home

The quickest way to move home is to find someone to swap homes with - this is called a mutual exchange or home swap. You can swap with one of our customers or a customer of another housing association or council, anywhere in the country.

  • Sign up to Homeswapper for free, to search for customers from local authorities or other housing associations to swap with
  • Once you’ve found a swap partner(s), everyone moving needs to complete an application form, even if they’re not moving to one of our homes. If we don’t receive your swap partner(s) applications within two weeks, you’ll need to reapply
  • If you’re moving into one of our homes, you also need to complete a Better Off Calculator
  • Please note that to be eligible, you must live in one of our social rented or affordable rented homes. If you live in a market rent, intermediate market rent, residential leasing or supported housing home, or you’re a shared owner, you’ll be unable to swap homes as you don’t have the right tenancy. If you’re unsure, please contact us

Once you and your swap partner(s) have submitted applications, we’ll check everything through, which can take up to 42 days. Checks can include:

  • If the home’s affordable
  • If the home’s the right size
  • If there are arrears on current and former rent accounts
  • If there are any court orders or eviction notices 
  • If the home requires a local connection or has been built for a specific group of people  
  • If the home has adaptations that you don’t need
  • If you’re swapping with a customer from another landlord, we’ll request a landlord reference and send one to them
  • A full electric check of the home during the 42 day period
  • A gas safety check and electric visual check is completed on the day of the move

  • We don’t carry out property inspections - it's your responsibility to make sure that you’re happy with the condition of the home. You’ll be taking the property on in the condition that you find it and will be expected to carry out any repairs needed when moving into the new home
  • We highly recommend that you visit the property a few times but most importantly, a day before you sign your new tenancy. If you’re in any doubt, you don’t need to move! 
  • We’ve put together a helpful viewing guide for when you view your swap partners’ home
  • If there are any repairs, please log into your Online Account to report any repairs or get in touch with us

There are by law, some reasons why we can refuse a swap:

  • If there’s a court order or eviction notice in place against you or your swap partner
  • If the home’s bigger or smaller than your swap partner or you need (based on the government’s rules)
  • If you or your swap partner have the home because of your job or local connection 
  •  If the home is for a specific group within society (such as ex-soldiers) and you don’t meet the criteria
  • If it’s adapted and you’re not disabled
  • If the home’s for people with certain or special needs, such as sheltered homes for adults, and you don’t meet these criteria.
  • You don’t want to join a management agreement 

There may also be reasons under our mutual exchange policy that we refuse your mutual exchange, such as the property not being affordable or outstanding rent arrears.

  • You’ll need to pay a minimum of 4 weeks’ rent in advance at your sign-up appointment
  • You’ll also be responsible for your removal costs

  • We legally have 42 days to make a decision for a mutual exchange
  • The decision date isn’t the date you’ll move, this will be arranged as soon as possible after the deadline date
  • You shouldn’t make arrangements to move until it’s confirmed by us

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