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Energy performance surveys

We complete an Energy Performance Survey to check on the energy standard of the home.

An EPC is a legal requirement to check if the property meets energy performance standards and how effectively it can retain heat.

The inspection takes around 1 hour to complete and includes checking:

  • Wall cavity and roof, including insulation (if applicable)
  • Thickness of insulation
  • Window type, and whether they are double glazed
  • Type of heating system (boilers and radiators) and their controls
  • Hot water system
  • Lighting type in the property
  • Type of flooring, such as solid or carpeted, and if insulation is present (we won't remove carpets or linoleum)
  • Any secondary heating sources

We may ask an external company to complete these visits on our behalf.

The EPC inspection will generate a report that you can view at home once it is published here

Report includes:

  • CO2 emissions produced (in tonnes)
  • Estimated cost of heating
  • Recommendations for improving the energy performance rating (although these are not mandatory)
  • Rating of the property's energy performance from Excellent to Very Poor

We have some contractors acting on our behalf for EPC surveys such as:

  • Gully Howard 
  • Glentworth DA
  • Baxter Kelly
  • MB Solutions

They may contact you to book in a survey to do with your EPC



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