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What's a defect?

During your defect liability period, once you’ve moved in to one of our new build homes, you're able to report any defects that there may be

  • ​​​​​​ This is the time given by the developer for you to report issues in your home, that they’ll come back to fix 
  • It usually lasts one year after the home is handed over to us, but check if you’re unsure how long yours is. You may not have a full year if you move in after the property is handed over to us, so it’s important you know when yours ends
  • If you’re a shared owner, the date will be given in your memorandum of sale

A defect is anything fitted in your new build home that hasn’t been done to the best standard.
Examples of a defect:

  • Faulty window handles
  • Leaking pipework
  • Faulty front door lock
  • Faulty electrics 

All standards are based around the NHBC guidelines. Please check these before you report issues, as if it meets the NHBC standards the developer doesn’t have to re-attend

Examples of what isn’t a defect:

  • A cracked basin, chipped worktop, paint scuffs (these would all be considered cosmetic and something the developer won’t pick up after you move in)
  • Anything extra, such as additional kitchen units or patio slabs. All homes are built to specification, so nothing will be changed or added by the developer, but we’ll be able to tell you what make they are so you can buy your own
  • Gates can swell in hot /cold weather and wouldn’t be a defect
  • Gifted items such as sheds wont be considered a defect
  • White goods such as dishwashers or fridges that are faulty wont be looked after by the developer, you will need to speak to the manufacturer and discuss the options under their warranty if they're in the warranty period.


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