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Boiler replacement

A boiler replacement takes place around every 12 years. Learn about the essential steps taken to ensure a smooth and secure installation ​​

  • Before starting the boiler replacement, we ensure an asbestos survey has been conducted
  • If no survey is available, we request a targeted refurbishment/demolition survey
  • Works proceed only after receiving the survey results
  • If asbestos is present in the boiler or its surroundings, we ask a HSE registered removal contractor to attend to remove it.

  • A boiler supervisor conducts a survey at your property
  • An appointment will be scheduled for the installation and we'll let you know the date and time

  • Our skilled gas engineers install the new boiler and perform any necessary associated works
  • All installations adhere to the guidelines outlined in GIUSP (Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure)

  • The installation engineer provides a new LGSR (Landlord Gas Safety Record), which is uploaded to our system
  • You will receive a copy of the LGSR within 28 working days

  • Sometimes, after a boiler install, we may need to return to make good. This could include boxing in of the boiler or repairing plaster around the flue.
  • If this is needed, you will be informed by the operative after they've completed the boiler install.



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