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Communal gardens

 Where our homes have a shared or communal garden or lawn area, we may provide a grounds maintenance service. You pay for this service through a weekly/monthly service charge. We carry out regular visits throughout the year.

Below, we outline our services and their frequencies per area: 

    • Maintenance of communal grassed areas which involves controlling excessive growth by cutting grass
    • We use a combination of ride on and pedestrian rotary mowers to cut and drop arisings
    • It includes strimming obstacles, fence lines, path edges or areas where the mowers cannot reach

    • Maintaining the shape and balance of communal hedges and shrubs which consists of controlling plant growth by a combination of pruning and trimming
    • We use a combination of petrol hedge cutters during these activities

    It also includes:

    • Removing litter and controlling weeds
    • Using a knapsack sprayer to spot, treat or remove by hand tall or inaccessible weeds

    • Litter picking will be carried out on every visit
    • Will consist of removing litter from communal areas
    • Includes leaf removal

    • Weed/Moss treatment will be carried out when required (please see below schedule or the contract area)
    • Scheduled when the spraying conditions are optimal ideally with dry weather with little wind
    • Weed/Moss treatment will reduce any H&S risk of slipping
    • Will also improve the visual appearance of your estate

    • Hand weeding will be carried out in communal shrub beds if the conditions don't allow a sprayer to be used 
    • Hand weeding will also include removal of any self-set saplings and older taller weeds

    • This service is provided to our sheltered housing and over 55s schemes
    • Will include the proactive gritting and the removal of snow from paths

    TaskTotal per year

    Grass cutting 




    Hedge/Shrub pruning 




    Litter picking all areas 




    Weed & Moss treatment (spot spraying) 




    Weed & Moss treatment (blanket spraying) 




    Hand weeding 




    A chart showing each month what services our grounds team will complete in the Basingstoke area






    Grass cutting 14 
    Hedge/Shrub pruning 
    Litter picking 14 
    Spot treatment for shrub beds 14 
    Hand weeding beds 
    Weed and Moss treatment (Spot spraying Edgings)6
    Weed and Moss treatment (Blanket Spraying Paved Areas)6

    A chart showing each month what services our grounds team will complete



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