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Smoke and heat detectors

Having a working smoke alarm is essential for the safety of you and your family. We provide smoke or heat alarms in all of our homes which are typically fitted in the hallway and landings. Additional smoke alarms may be found in other rooms. 
In some properties, additional detection may be present from the main system in the block. This will not have a test button and will be serviced periodically by a specialist.

  • Most modern detection will be sealed and battery replacement will not be possible
  • We will happily replace any Smoke, Heat or Carbon monoxide alarms as required should they not work or be faulty or due replacement

  • There will be a ‘Test button’ on the alarm which is easy to spot
  • Press and hold this button to test the alarm
  • This may also trigger other detectors in your home to sound too
  • If the buttons are hard to reach, use a stick, brush, or mop handle to press the button

The main difference between the two is that they react differently when there are signs of a fire. 

  • Smoke detectors will activate when they detect smoke in the property which tends to happen earlier in the process of a fire.
  • Heat detectors will activate when there are high temperatures or a sudden increase in temperature, this tends to be later in the process of a fire

If your smoke alarms are not working or missing, report this through our live chat and we can get them looked into

  • If you're hard of hearing or deaf, you may need special equipment fitted to make you aware of the activation of the alarm
  • This may include Flashing lights, Vibrating pads, or pagers etc.
  • Contact us or your occupational therapist to discuss the options

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