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Data protection

We’re committed to protecting your privacy by storing your information securely and handling it appropriately. You can find out what information we collect, why we collect it, what we use it for and if we share it with anyone else here.

What's a subject access request?

  • A subject access request is where you can request any data we hold about you to be sent to you.​​​​

How long does it take?

  • We’ll acknowledge your request by the end of the next working day, then we have one month to respond in full. We'll always try to get this done sooner.

What information can I have?

  • You can have all the information we hold on record relating to you. However, we may need to remove or redact some information if there’s a reason, we’re unable to provide this to you. We won’t provide you with anyone else’s information unless they provide their consent.

How can I request my information?

  • You can request your information through any method of communication, or by emailing: It'd be useful to let us know what ​​​​​​you’d like and a date range you’d like information to and from.

Useful information

  • Emails are held for three years. We won’t provide emails to or from you as we assume you’ll already have these.
  • If you email your request we will provide them electronically, unless you specify otherwise.

  • We only record calls made to or from customer experience, and calls from our planning team. 
  • All other calls made to or from you will have notes on your account
  • We hold phone call recordings for 90 days
  • Calls may be used for training and monitoring purposes
  • You can request recordings of your calls by making a subject access request

  • As a housing association we’re not subject to the Freedom of Information Act, as this only covers public authorities. 
  • If you’re one of our customers, please contact us via live chat and we'll review your request in line with our transparency policy. 
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office also provides lots of advice and guidance on data protection legislation and the Freedom of Information Act which you can find here.
  • However, we do try and be as transparent as possible with our customers and have a lot of information on our website about our services, actions, spending and performance here.

I’ve received someone else’s information:

  • Please contact us via live chat​​​​​ or email and describe what you’ve received, who it’s from, the date and time you received it and what information was included
  • We’re human and whilst we try our best to minimise the risk of incidents happening, they may still happen
  • You can help up by not doing anything with the information you’ve received as this could put someone at risk

Once we’re informed of an incident occurring, we’ll:

  • Resolve the incident as quickly as possible
  • Look into how this may have happened​​​​​​ to see if there’s anything we can do to prevent the same incident happening again
  • Provide further training to staff involved
  • Offer support to staff and/or customers involved
  • Take further action where appropriate

If you have questions or concerns about your data please contact us via live chat and ask for Lauren Cannon, our Information Governance Manager or email

  • If you have a question or complaint about your data, please contact us first to resolve the issue.
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office provides lots of advice and guidance on your rights and protecting your data which you can find here.
  • We are registered with the ICO. Our registration number is ZA248321. This is renewed annually on 23 April.


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