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Rent to Own

  • The Rent to Own scheme helps tenants buy their home after renting for 5 years
  • It is designed for existing and new customers living in a home managed by VIVID and Woodside
  • Customers who abide by their tenancy agreement for 5 years and take responsibility for maintenance and repairs qualify for a financial contribution towards the purchase of their home

  • Available to new and existing customers renting a market rented home through VIVID and Woodside
  • Requires signing up for a Lifetime Assured Tenancy with VIVID
  • Customers must agree to take responsibility for the repairs and maintenance of their home for a period of 5 years

To be eligible for the scheme, customers must:

  • Sign up to the scheme and rent the same property under a Lifetime Tenancy for a minimum of 5 consecutive years
  • Not currently own a home
  • Pay the rent on time and meet all other tenancy agreement conditions throughout the 5-year period
  • Agree to take responsibility for repairs and maintenance of their home

  • You can only buy the home they've rented from VIVID for 5 consecutive years under a Lifetime Assured Tenancy Agreement
  • Option to opt into the Rent To Own scheme is available at the beginning or during the tenancy, triggering the 5-year period

  • The 5-year period starts when you request to sign up to the scheme
  • You do this by returning the copy letter to VIVID, who will confirm your membership in the Rent to Own Scheme

  • No, purchasing the property after the initial 5-year period is not mandatory
  • Customers can apply to buy the property at any point after the 5-year period, up to 15 years
  • The financial contribution from Woodside increases the longer customers wait to purchase

  • Customers who comply with the scheme receive 10% of the net rent they've paid since the start date of their tenancy until the date they apply to purchase their home
  • Net rent refers to the rental payment excluding service charges, utilities, or other charges

  • Woodside is responsible for structural and communal area works, including repairs to the structure, exterior, water, gas, electricity, sanitation, heating, and hot water installations
  • Customers are responsible for all other repairs and maintenance
  • A list of typical repairs under the Rent to Own scheme is available for guidance

  • After 5 years, customers must contact VIVID to initiate the purchase process
  • Eligibility for purchase is based on criteria such as being a tenant for 5 consecutive years, complying with repairing obligations, keeping the property in good condition, and not breaching the tenancy agreement

No, the financial contribution can only be used towards the purchase of the property being rented

  • The lump sum is paid directly to the customers' solicitor at the time of purchase

  • Upon deciding to buy the property and meeting the assessment criteria, a market valuation is obtained
  • The sale price is then agreed upon between the customer and Woodside

If unable to afford buying the property after 5 years, customers can extend the scheme for a further 10 years with Woodside's agreement

  • If a customer's request to purchase is refused, they can appeal within 14 days
  • Appeals are considered by an officer from Eastleigh Borough Council on behalf of Woodside
  • The decision reached after the appeal process is final

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