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You can find lots of information on our services below, as well as the different help and support that we can provide.

Help with your utility bills

  • Some broadband companies will reduce your bill if your income is low. They all have different rules
  • Visit this website to see which companies offer a reduction
  • If you’re already with the company, you can switch to their social tariff at any time 
  • BT and KCOM also provide cheaper voice-only landline to customers on benefits. See the link above 
  • Check whether you are still in contract, they usually last between 1 to 2 years 
  • If your contract has ended, you might be able to get a better deal  
  • Do you need all the streaming services you’re paying for? 
  • Check out this link for more tips

If you're having difficulty paying for your gas or electric, speak to your provider as soon as possible to see how they might be able to help you. We have outlined further potential money saving advice below.

  • The cheapest way to pay for gas or electric is by Direct Debit 
  • You’ll be charged more if you have a pre-payment or key meter  
  • You’ll be charged even more if you pay by standing order or pay when you get a bill 
  • You can ask for ‘emergency credit’ if you use a prepay meter and can’t top up
  • Let your provider know that you can’t afford to pay you must be offered a payment plan you can afford 
  • Find out if you're eligible for the priority service registration – a free support service if you are in a vulnerable situation. Check if you can get a grant to help pay off your energy debt – seek advice as you need to be referred
  • If the debt has been put on the pre-payment meter, you can ask for it to be put on the back of the meter (this reduces how much you pay back every time you top up) 
  • Contact your supplier and agree a payment plan. 
  • If you’re in debt to your energy supplier, you may be able to get a grant to help pay it off. Ask your utility provider if they do give grants. Before applying for a grant you must be registered for debt advice - you can do that here
  • If you can’t get a grant from your supplier, you may be able to get a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust. These grants are available to anyone - you don’t have to be a British Gas customer. ​​​​Find out more here
  • Some foodbanks issue utility vouchers, please check your local foodbank.  ​​​​​​You'll need to be referred by a professional agency such as Citizens Advice (0808 223 1133), your local council or us 
  • If you've been struggling to pay your energy bills, the Local Energy Advice Partnership gives free advice on keeping warm and reducing energy bills. They can also help you source financial assistance to help with bills. Fine out more here
  • In exceptional cases we may be able to help with a utility voucher, but we have strict criteria. Please complete the 'Better off calculator' and submit it via the virtual agent.
  • Winter Fuel Payment – a fuel payment for people born on or before 25 September 1956 
  • Cold Weather Payment - a payment for every 7 days of very cold weather between November and March
  • Warm Home Discount – a discount for some people getting Pension Credit or some people in low-income household who have high energy costs
  • Household Support Fund – a funding package to help vulnerable households. Contact your local council for advice and help on accessing the fund
  • All water companies will reduce your bill if your income is low. They all have different rules. 
  • Visit your water company’s website or ring them to see what’s available and how to apply. 
  • You may need to fill in an application form
  • If you're on some benefits and have 3 or more children, or have a medical condition which means you use more water than average, your bill can be capped 
  • If you owe money to the water company, talk to them. Some companies will match the payments you make towards the debt 
  • You might save money by having a water meter installed 
  • For more information check out this website

For advice on other bills please see here


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