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How can I get help with food?

  • Food pantries provide access to healthy food at a lower cost than supermarkets and shops
  • For around £3.00 – £6.00 you can become a member of a food pantry 
  • You can choose food to the value of £20 to £25 for your membership fee of £3.00 – £6.00 
  • You can use food pantries weekly, monthly or one off – whichever suits your needs
  • Pantries have a second aim of tackling food waste, using partners such as FareShare which ensures food surplus from supermarkets and businesses are redistributed

  • Anyone can access their local community pantry - you just need to sign up to become a member
  • To find your nearest food pantry, visit and add your postcode at the bottom

  • Foodbanks are community organisations that can help in times of crisis
  • Some food banks offer delivery services if you can't access a food pantry
  • Food bank cater for a range of dietary requirements, such as vegan and vegetarian
  • The Trussell Trust is one of the main providers of food banks. If you are referred to a Trussell Trust foodbank, you can see where your nearest food bank is by searching using your postcode.  

  • You can't make a foodbank referral yourself, it needs to be from us or through a professional agency.
  • You can reach out to us via live chat for a referral, or alternatively contact your local council or Citizens Advice on 0808 223 1133
  • Some food banks may not require a referral, such as those run by a church
  • Contact your local food bank to see if you need a referral here



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